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Decorative fountain for the apartment - an unusual interior decoration (22 photos)


Everyone wants to make their own home as attractive and comfortable as possible. First of all, it is done for yourself, and then - to surprise guests, relatives and friends.



There are quite a few decorative things for the interior, which can successfully emphasize it and complement it. It is to such apartment accessories should be attributed, and indoor fountains. These decorative items are so diverse, beautiful and unusual, that in their mere form it is impossible to take your eyes off. It is about how decorative fountains for city apartments can be, and how to select a similar piece of furniture is worth talking about now.

A decorative fountain is not a necessary piece of furniture, but even so, quite a large number of people have a desire to install it. Such popularity of such structures is caused by the following factors:

  • the product can very well emphasize and complement the interior of a particular style;
  • the fountain will bring a certain coziness and comfort to the apartment;
  • with the help of a decorative element it is easy to surprise and amaze all friends and relatives;
  • the attractiveness of different constructions of this type will help to make an apartment unusual and original.



Often people buy an illuminated decorative fountain and install it in a bedroom. This choice is ideal for almost all couples who want to renew the romantic atmosphere in their lives. Such designs will look great in the living room, making it more expensive and interesting.

As an element of the apartment interior decorative fountain became popular recently. Now these things are made to order, you can buy them on the Internet or in city stores. This is a good alternative to carpets that were fashionable in the past century and artificial flowers that simply collect dust on themselves.

If we talk about such a concept as a fountain for a room in an apartment, a person immediately realizes that the object should not be large. But miniature is not the only attractive feature of such fountains, because they can have a very original appearance and are made of both natural and artificial materials.



For the home, you can always pick up a small fountain, which can be made of the following materials:

  • Natural and artificial stone.
  • Bamboo.
  • Metal and other materials of this type.
  • Fountain with a plaster base.



Each decorative fountain for an apartment is an original product that carries a certain semantic load. It is necessary to select such a design very carefully, because it must be in harmony with the general home atmosphere.



Among the varieties of decorative fountains for apartments should be noted such design options:

  • fountains that are installed on the floor, wall or placed on the table;
  • miniature designs with light;
  • decorative fountains in the style of feng shui and other similar directions;
  • fountains resembling things that exist in nature, for example, in the form of shells.

If we are talking about the design of the apartment, then every little thing plays a very important role. It is not enough just to choose a decorative floor fountain, because you still need to consider how it will look appropriate in a particular room.