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Blinds to the balcony: views and design (21 photos)


Window decoration is an important and crucial task. The decorative element should bear not only an aesthetic function, but also reliably protect the space from light penetration.



The right design to choose for the balcony is not easy. All windows differ in non-standard parameters. When using blinds you can easily cope with this task. This is the most practical and comfortable version of the balcony window design. Blinds are a protective and decorative product, which consists of horizontal and vertical plates. They help to give the interior conciseness, severity and comfort.



Horizontal and vertical blinds

Before proceeding to the choice of blinds for your balcony, you need to deal with their design features. Horizontal blinds on the balcony are made of slats. Material - aluminum or plastic. When closed, the product provides a high degree of protection from the sun. When open, sunlight passes through the lamellae, creating a cozy diffused lighting in space. Such blinds will be an excellent solution for decorating windows on the south side.



Vertical blinds on the balcony are also in high demand. In these models, the lamellae are not arranged horizontally, as in the previous version, but vertically. Due to the design features, vertical models are made not only from plastic and aluminum, but also from a material such as textiles.

The design of vertical structures is as close as possible to the ordinary curtains that we used to see on our windows. Thanks to such models, the interior of the balcony is very cozy and spectacular.

Vertical models can be either fully closed or semi-open.



Popular models of blinds for home and office

Also in the consumer market presents a wide selection of roller blinds for home and office. The design of these models is devoid of slats. Therefore, the product rises and falls by winding on a special shaft. Roll models are compact and comfortable, which is the perfect solution for a balcony. The product is made on the basis of the use of dense and soft fabrics. Due to this advantage, roll constructions can be used on balconies and loggias with varying degrees of illumination. This is a universal option, which has a different name - "day-night."

Design of blinds for the balcony can be very diverse. Today, in many apartments balconies are equipped for small rooms or offices. This is a great way to make rational use of space. Blinds feature a wide variety of choices. Their color palette, design options are amazing. Therefore, you can easily choose a model that will fit your design idea.

When choosing blinds for a balcony, experts advise to rely on the following useful recommendations:

  • For sliding windows made of aluminum, do not install horizontal models. Fastening horizontal models is made directly to the sash.
  • Pleated blinds look much more attractive and softer than other models. They will look very original on large windows.
  • When choosing blinds do not forget about their main function: protection from sunlight and adjusting the air flow. The material of aluminum, plastic, woven, wooden construction should be of high quality and not emit toxic odors.
  • Choosing the color of the blinds on the balcony, experts recommend to give preference to not too branded models. It is better to choose a material that is easily removed and cleaned. For the balcony are mainly used fabric, paper and polymeric materials.
  • Mounting at the structure should be quite durable. If you frequently remove the product for cleaning, poor-quality fixtures may break.
  • If your choice was stopped on roll models, then choose designs that are equipped with a cassette mechanism. In this embodiment, the fabric is located inside the box. It will not get a lot of dirt and dust.