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Sliding table in the interior: we welcome guests (36 photos)


A modern sliding table is an excellent variant of the reasonable organization of space in small apartments or rooms, where every centimeter counts. Regardless of the design, such a table takes up little space when folded, without creating a feeling of clutter. And as soon as there is a need to increase the dining space, it easily turns into a large table, behind which a small banquet fits comfortably.




In everyday life folding tables often become versatile pieces of furniture and can serve as pedestals, tv stands, coffee tables and even play the role of a desk. Their main advantage is the ability to transform from a small table, occupying a minimum of space in the room, to a full-fledged dining table of impressive size.




Very popular, for example, a console table-transformer in the living room. Comfortably seated against a wall, it takes up very little space and can serve as an interior: you can put a vase with flowers, a statuette, and magazines on it. But only the time to welcome guests, and a miniature table increases several times, welcoming a large company.



A sliding transforming table is a table that can change one or more parameters. There are models in which you can increase the length of the table top, others allow you to transform its width, and still others - height. There are transforming tables that combine several such mechanisms, which makes them multifunctional and versatile items for any interior.

These tables are made from different materials and it is very important to understand this issue, if there is such a purchase.




A sliding table made of solid wood is a practical and very beautiful piece of furniture that does not require complicated maintenance. It will serve you for more than a decade, as the design is reliable. Another "plus" - a wooden tabletop to be restored. But the price of such furniture, respectively, can not be small.




Not inferior in practicality and plastic table. In addition, it looks very attractive in a modern interior: light and concise, it harmoniously fits into any style. A large number of shades presented by manufacturers leave no doubt that every buyer will find something to their liking.




The sliding glass table looks truly sophisticated and sophisticated. It is perfect for any interior style, ranging from fashionable high-tech and ending with traditional classics.



No less popular are coffee tables in the living room. Modern models with glass are attractive and very functional. Such furniture items require more scrupulous care, but if you choose this option, you will never regret it.



MDF and chipboard

Tables made from these materials are much cheaper than previous versions, but are endowed with excellent aesthetic qualities and are very functional. For example, veneered laminated chipboard and MDF is very similar to wood. But the price of products made from them is much "nicer", and the weight is much less. These parameters are ideal for the production of countertops.



The form

The furniture market offers a wide range of folding tables, which have a diverse form.




Perhaps the most common form. The shape of the rectangle is considered to be ergonomic, as it is spacious and very comfortable. If the maximum quantity of seats is required, then the rectangular-shaped sliding kitchen table leads among the buyers. These tables are suitable for both small and large rooms.

One of the favorite furniture items - a rectangular coffee table. If you choose a model with a sliding mechanism, then there is no need to buy a dining table.


The square table looks neat and very suitable for small rooms. It rationally occupies space, is capacious, but if necessary it can be turned into a luxurious “clearing” for festive meals.




But round tables are less suitable for small kitchens, although they are able to give a charming comfort. Especially beautiful look like kitchen tables made of solid wood in the kitchen, made in the style of country or Provence. When unfolded, the round table turns into an oval, since an additional section is inserted in the center of the tabletop.

And this, first of all, is functionality and convenience. Modern sliding mechanisms are strong and reliable, and with careful and careful handling of such furniture can serve for many years. Sometimes you want to lubricate the mechanism so that it does not disappoint at the right time.


Sooner or later, the system may fail, but this is only in cases where the table is operated too often. If he moves apart only on holidays, then there is no cause for concern. But if intensive use is planned, then it is worth examining the transformation mechanism very carefully to ensure its quality.

Tables with photo printing: beautiful and modern

If your interior lacks accents, then tables with photo printing are exactly what you need. The glass tables for the kitchen and the dining room with delicious images of chocolate, fruit and coffee were very much loved by the customers.