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How to clean the blinds at home


Blinds in the modern world have gained considerable popularity. They are compact, simple and easy to use, reliably protect the room from the views of street passers-by, as well as from the sun's rays. However, like all interior objects, blinds gradually tend to become covered with dust. If such protection is in the kitchen, the lamellas are also covered with fatty deposits and soot. To return the lamellas to their previous appearance, it is necessary to periodically wash the blinds from dirt and dust.

Blinds can be cleaned directly on the window or by removing them from the window. If you are looking for a way to quickly wash the blinds, then do this work without removing the blinds from the window.

Most often, horizontal blinds are made of metal, so consider the cleaning of this particular material. It is recommended to set aluminum blinds in the closed position before cleaning, and then with a vacuum cleaner to clean their surface from dust. After that, the slats should be wiped with a damp cloth on both sides when they are open. If horizontal aluminum blinds have traces of grease, then you should use a solution of any detergent. Cleaning is done from top to bottom so that there are no smudges on already cleaned lamellae.

For cleaning, in addition to a wet sponge, you can use wet wipes, wiping the panels with them in the closed state. To do this, they are simply pressed to the window.

You can also remove the blinds, and then wash them under the shower. Before removing the blinds, they are recommended to be vacuumed out. Aluminum is easily cleaned from contamination, if it is moistened for a short time with water. However, it is not recommended to soak products in the bath for a long time, as they may show signs of rust. Lamels are wiped with a damp sponge, on which the detergent composition is applied. After drying, the slats are wiped with a dry towel, and then the blinds are hung on the window.

Plastic cleaning

To easily wash plastic blinds, they are best removed from the window. To do this, the accessories are separated from the lamellae, and the lamellae themselves are wetted under a stream of hot water. After that, a sponge dipped in a solution of detergent, each lamella is cleaned and then rinsed. Dried products are installed on the window.

And how to properly wash the plastic blinds directly on the window? This can be done in the same way that is used for cleaning metal blinds. That is, clean them with a damp cloth or napkin.

Lamellae of such products are made of natural wood, which is varnished, so remember one rule - they can not be washed under the pressure of water, washing out the dust. From this, the lacquer coating may be damaged, the products will lose their attractiveness or change color. Wood also does not like temperature fluctuations, which is why lamellae can bend. Manufacturers recommend cleaning wooden blinds with a vacuum cleaner, but this method is ineffective.

Wash vertical blinds at home, you can easily, but much depends on the material of their production. The most commonly used vertical fabric, polymer and wooden blinds. However, there are several general rules for cleaning them:

  • All smooth surfaces can be cleaned with a wet towel.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove bulk dust. Then further cleaning will be easy and fast.
  • If you are the owner of a steam cleaner, then this device can be used to clean all types of shutters except wood. The steam jet washes away dirt and grease from the lamellae, and all you need is to wipe the surfaces with a clean rag.
  • By treating the surface of the blinds with antistatic agents, you significantly slow down the process of dust deposition on the surfaces of the slats.
  • Jacquard blinds or products coated with photo printing can not be washed with water. They are cleaned only under dry cleaning.

Consider how to wash vertical blinds in the most efficient ways.

Usually, vertical fabric blinds are very slowly polluted due to their geometrical location, so vacuuming is an ideal way to care for them. But brushing the fabric should not be, because the bristles can damage the protective coating of fabric lamellae or violate the integrity of the impregnation. If you notice that they are quite dirty, they can be washed in warm water. Perform the following actions:

  1. Fabric strips in turn are removed from the rails.
  2. All fittings, if any, are removed from the strips.
  3. Each strip is rolled into a roll.
  4. The rolls are placed in a fabric bag designed for washing delicate items of clothing.
  5. The bag with rolls is lowered into a container with warm water in which detergent is dissolved.
  6. After about an hour, the strips are removed from the bag and rinsed with clean, warm water.
  7. When water is drained from the slats, they can be hung in the same place. Wet tissue will even out under its weight.

Attention! Before washing fabric webs, follow the instructions for caring for them. Not all products can be subjected to water cleaning. Some of them have impregnations that prevent the penetration of dust into the fabric structure.

On sale there are means for dry cleaning of fabric curtains. The composition is applied to the slats, and after a certain time is removed with a wet sponge along with dirt.

How to clean polymer blinds

Products made of polymeric material is also better to clean by removing them from the window. They are less demanding on cleaning procedures. Polymeric strips can be twisted into rolls, and then washed in a washing machine. Or soak in water, as was considered in the case of fabric strips, then rinse with water, dry and hang into place.

You can clean the polymer strips, and without removing them from the window. To do this, use a wet sponge with detergent. After cleaning, the slats are wiped with a clean cloth.

If you are the owner of vertical wooden blinds, you should be guided by the requirements for their care. Do not use water to clean the slats. It is quite enough to do wiping the wood with a damp cloth. In some cases, you can use polishes for wood, if the instruction is allowed.

Tip: all the elements of accessories that were removed in the cleaning process, are installed on their seats only after the final drying of the blinds. This will avoid the occurrence of corrosion inside the guides.

If you follow the recommendations outlined, then your blinds will long please you with their appearance.