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Choosing a shoebox in the hallway (20 photos)


In each hallway there will not be superfluous such a wonderful piece of furniture as a shoemaker - wooden, wrought or plastic. This detail of the situation will allow you to store, sort and organize all your shoe stocks. Obuvnitsa come in different types, models and configurations. In the article we will consider what features the shoebox differs in the hallway, how to choose this functional piece of furniture.

Let's consider what advantages such furniture as a shoemaker has.

This piece of furniture is functional: it serves as a place for storing shoes, seating for changing clothes, decorates the interior and, besides, it can also be a hanger. And the mirror model also helps to clean up before leaving the house.

Ergonomic. Obuvnitsy not take up much space, fit perfectly into the size of even the most compact hallway.

Consider what types of Obuvnits are.


The most popular type of shoemaker. This design is used in the vast majority of apartments and houses. An open shoebox is often made of wood.

The main advantage of such models is that the shoes are in the open air, which means that it is ventilated, does not emit an unpleasant smell and dries well. In addition, it is easy to get shoes from open shelves - even if the model is high enough.

Minus - there is a lot of dust on open shoes - therefore, if the shoes were on the shelf for at least a week, they should be wiped with a clean napkin before going to the event.




In this case, all shoes - from sandals to boots - are kept away from the eyes - in a closed cabinet. Most often, this model is equipped with a seat on top and looks like a bench or bench. It is customary to sit on this design when you need to wear or take off shoes. Therefore, such a shoebox with a seat "kills" two birds with one stone: it saves space in the hallway and, at the same time, serves as a convenient piece of furniture.

The height of closed models is different: from low to almost to the ceiling - it all depends on how many shoes, shoes and boots you put on its shelves.

Consider which models of shoes in today's furniture market are most in demand.

Shoe rack. This version of the hallway furniture is designed as a module equipped with a coat hanger, shoe holder and, more often, several more lockers and shelves for storing accessories and other things. These are classic, comfortable and ergonomic options, suitable for dark small hallways. Such a model - white or colored - is often angular.

What material to stop when choosing the optimal shoebox for the hallway - consider.


  • Obuvnitsy for apartments and houses which style is close to classical are made of this traditional material. Especially beautiful is bleached oak or dark wenge.
  • Such a shoebox - both angular and straight - as a rule, looks respectable, respectable and solid, has decent dimensions. It gives a decent view of the hallway, immediately from the threshold "sets the tone" and demonstrates the status of the owner of the house. But this applies, of course, only to options made of natural wood. Types of Chipboard shoeboxes make a similar impression to a lesser extent.
  • Unfortunately, wooden shoe holders and galoshnits are too susceptible to moisture, so in this respect they are not very practical. However, treated with special water-repellent formulations, can serve for quite a long time. In this case, they are glossy, and you can decorate them with a pattern.

Tip: before you put the shoes in a shoebox made of wood, experienced owners advise to dry it thoroughly.




  • Forged metal models make an indelible impression on the guests, they talk about the reliability and solidity of the owner of the room. Products in this style look very noble, but a bit heavy.
  • Forged model is suitable if the room is decorated in some historical style - for example, in the spirit of the Empire style or baroque.




This light and natural exotic material is a great solution for a shoemaker. Rattan is very easy to clean, easy to clean and to clean. In addition, it repels dirt, well withstands high humidity, has natural ventilation. Such a model can be placed in the dressing room.

However, this design will suit the shoe is not for every hallway. The best way to be combined with the hallways, decorated in rustic rustic styles, in the spirit of a summer house or a ranch. Bleached and ordinary rattan will suit the style of country, provence, chebbi-chic or rustic.

Some useful recommendations for more competent choice of a suitable shoemaker in a hall.

If you want to combine several useful functions in the interior, then choose soft models with a seat. This way you will have a place to store your shoes, and a comfortable little upholstered bench or bench on which it will be nice to go down after a long journey.