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Furniture in a classic style in the interior (50 photos)


The classic style in the interior is one of the most popular. He, like no other, is able to look both luxurious and modern. Suitable for people with traditional views on interior design and for young people. In addition to the design of the ceiling, floor, walls, it is also necessary to consider what kind of furniture to place in the dining room, living room, in the hall and other rooms. Therefore, the article will tell how to choose furniture in a classic style.

What are the important signs inherent in the furniture in the classical style:

  • The noble look of this furniture deserves special attention. Classic sofas, armchairs and beds delight guests, give comfort and coziness to the owners of the house. Classic, simple and modern furniture - both cabinet and soft - fits any room, even a standard city apartment. If it is furnished with similar pieces of furniture art, even a small-sized apartment will look luxurious and noble, especially if it is light.
  • Along with the obvious chic, classic-style furniture does not give off a bad taste. On the contrary, her laconic lines and pure shades indicate that the owners of the house have a good taste. This result is achieved due to the fact that the wooden furniture in the classical style does not recognize anything excessive, especially excessive decor is alien to it. And the wardrobe, and sofas, and chairs - everything is harmoniously connected with each other.
  • High-quality materials are used: fine wood, metal parts, etc., plastic is not used - this material is not combined with the classical style. Furniture in the classical style, designed for any room at home - even for the kitchen, even for the living room, most often wooden and light.
  • The facades of the furniture are elegant. A good example is Italian kitchen furniture - a great choice of classic furniture for a stylish interior.
  • The decor is applied luxurious, but not fanciful, chic, but at the same time concise. For example, the sofas will be beautifully upholstered, and the closet will delight you with its smooth lines with traditional patterns.
  • The furniture in the classical style is practical and reliable, it is distinguished by a considerable durability, especially Italian. It is likely if you get a high-quality setting for the living room in a classic style, including sofas and a wardrobe, because your children and grandchildren will still use this furniture.
  • Often used lacquered wooden surfaces and facades. Such brilliant and beautiful wooden cabinet furniture gives special charm to the room of a drawing room, hall or dining room. Along with varnishing, waxing and polishing are also used.
  • As for the decor, most often it is elegant metal lining made of bronze or copper, glass inserts at the head of the bed or cabinets fronts, etc. Decor is also made of natural materials only.
  • Symmetry is one of the main features. Mirrors on opposite walls, two identical chairs, a clear number of identical chairs facing each other - these techniques are often used in the classic interior of the house.










What are the main advantages that characterize and explain the enduring popularity and relevance of classic-style furniture for a modern interior:

  • Classic furniture, especially Italian, will be relevant in any era. This is a timeless option - for the hall, for the living room, and for the dining room. Therefore, by spending once, you can provide the actual interior and furnishings of even your descendants. In addition, in their time, this furniture will turn into a real antiques, becoming even more valuable. Therefore, high-quality furniture in a classic style and neutral color - a good investment, constantly increasing in price.
  • The furniture in classical style clearly demonstrates the excellent taste of the owners of the house, emphasizes the nobility of the room, gives it status. Luxurious sofas directly talk about prosperity, a spacious wardrobe - about solidity and reliability, and the size of the bed - about the ability of the home owner not only to earn decently, but also to have a decent rest.
  • Along with some solemnity and grandeur, this furniture, including modular, gives a cosiness to the house, therefore it will always be cozy and comfortable in it. Children's furniture in a classic style is also very elegant, stylish and comfortable at the same time.














Cushioned furniture

Consider what features and decor are inherent in upholstered furniture in a classic style:

  • Classical upholstered furniture - sofas and armchairs - is most often equipped with elegant curved legs, which also act as decor. The cabinet and chest of drawers may not have legs at all.
  • Upholstery is used in natural colors, necessarily from high-quality natural materials, usually light. Silk, linen and tapestry can be seen more often. You can also find velvet and velor options. The room of the office, as well as the hallway, use textiles and upholstered furniture to a minimum.
  • Often used such decor as embossing and embroidery. Of course, the closet and the facades of the kitchen will be just wooden, but the sofas and beds may well be equipped with such elements.
  • Modernity makes its own adjustments in the classic furniture for the interior of the house. So, now sofas are made not only purely in order to sit or recline on them, as in ancient times, but also sliding models that turn into a full-fledged sleeping place. But at the same time they remain outwardly quite classic furniture with all its features. Wood is also used for their manufacture; they are made in the traditional color - Italian modular furniture can offer the best choice of such options.
  • Upholstery colors are most often in traditional style. Floral, floral ornamental decor, leaf weaves, elegant lines and shapes are the most common version of upholstery designs. To avoid busting with prints and a jumble of drawings in the interior, when you decorate a room in a classic style, the surfaces of the floor, ceiling and walls are often monotonous. The carved wardrobe with the ornament and the elegant wood of the parquet match very well.
  • Leather upholstery is another classic option. In this case, the shape of the sofa or chair will be very comfortable, lush. The combination of brutal skin and smooth form gives an interesting effect - stylish and luxurious. Classical furniture for a bedroom and an office most often such. But the hallway furniture is not furnished, there often simply put a wardrobe.
  • Small interior items - chairs, armchairs, ottomans - most often arranged in pairs. This technique is very often found in the classical interior of the living room, hall, study or dining room and is its hallmark.
  • The desire for sophistication, smoothness and completeness of form. No torn lines, unfinished and undunited details of the decor does not imply.












Cabinet furniture


  • In the modern interpretation of the cabinet furniture for the house may well be built. Such a reception at the same time will ensure compliance with, say, the cabinet, the room setting, but at the same time it will help save space. Modular classic bathroom furniture in most cases uses just such a technique.
  • Cabinet furniture is made from high-quality, often - expensive woods. Mahogany - a common version of the material. It can be made and a separate closet, and the whole hall, and classic children's furniture.
  • When finishing, carved decor is used in a suitable color: various cornices, moldings, elegant small columns and other elements. For expensive furniture, all these elements are made by hand and have antiquarian value. Such furniture is appropriate for an office, living room, hall or dining room, but the hall is often arranged more simply.




Bedroom. What are the main pieces of furniture and its features inherent in the bedroom in the classic interior of the house:

  • Bed - the main subject of furniture. It occupies a central place, always large, sometimes modular. Material for the bed most often - wood, headboard upholstery is soft. Also sometimes there is metal forging with fanciful elements in the ornamental style.
  • In addition to the bed in the classic bedroom you can see elegant lounge chairs, banquettes, small tables for trifles and lamps.
  • The decoration here is the same as for other rooms. However, it is better not to use excess gold and metal. Leave a rich decor for the office, living room or hall.







  • The classic kitchen is often used and not at all in the classic interior. In our country, a modular kitchen almost always has some elements of the classics, since this style is a convenient and traditional way of furnishing a house.
  • Only natural wood materials are used. The design of the kitchen unit will be in a neutral, natural color. The same applies to the design of the office, and the hall should be appropriate to the entire interior.
  • Often the kitchen is combined with the living room and there is more room for design maneuvers.




Living room:

  • There will definitely be a sofa with leather or thick textile upholstery made of natural fabric. Often used specifically for living room tapestry. Also the hallway often boasts tapestry seats.
  • Pair of chairs - an indispensable attribute of the setting of a classic living room.