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Air conditioning in the interior (21 photos): placement and design in the apartment


Cassette or channel air conditioning in the interior has long become an indispensable part. Without climate technology is difficult to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house. For their own apartment, people acquire different models, but often they fail to mount it correctly. Mistakes change the design of the room, making it unassuming and even unpleasant.




Receiving air conditioning in the interior

Designers have long learned how to properly position the air conditioner in the interior. They use simple techniques that can be managed without help. In practice, the work will take a minimum of time, so you should not give it up if you want to hide an unnecessary element.

  • Construction of plasterboard;
  • Pieces of furniture;
  • Parts of interior doors;
  • Air ducts;
  • Niche;
  • Selection of the installation area;
  • Color matching;
  • Dressing

If it seems that the channel or cassette air conditioner cannot be hidden, it is necessary to consider the receptions of the designers. Moreover, a detailed description will be useful information for each person.



Air ducts

Air ducts in apartments are not made initially. People will have to create such a construction themselves in order to get not a simple decor, but a reliable system. It should put a powerful climatic equipment that can distribute fresh air throughout the rooms. This technique is more practical than others, because it allows you to create the best conditions in each room.

People who are trying to cope with the installation of an air conditioner on their own should remember one more trick - choosing the best place. In the room you can always find a good location, carefully assessing the space. A good example is the part of the wall under the ceiling behind the curtains, where additional decoration is not even required. The main thing is not to forget about the requirements of manufacturers, which indicate the free space under the model, although this applies to certain models.



Color matching

Color matching is an affordable trick offered by climate equipment manufacturers. Some designers make a suitable finish to the walls so that the white conditioner does not differ from it, but this is a mistake. It makes no sense to change the principles of your own vision of the room, since even a black device can be bought in stores. This hint has long become an optimal way to create a complete picture of the interior. Using a model with a pleasant shade, you can easily hide the indoor unit, turning it into a small decor.

White air conditioning is a tradition of many years. Manufacturers continue to base their own range on this color, but in the interior it becomes an obstacle. A simple and reliable option is decorating. Its application does not require professional skills, since a person is based on his own wishes, choosing a decor. An interesting way was the use of living indoor plants. Their branches and leaves are located on the top of the indoor unit, successfully hiding it. This is allowed by the construct, so the functions are preserved.