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Decoupage in the bathroom (16 photos): beautiful design options


Decoupage - the reception of decorative interior decoration, it can be used to decorate any objects in the room. The technique is simple, used by professional designers and amateurs. She looks like an appliqué. Fragments of paper or fabric with glue are applied to different surfaces, including: glass, tile, wood, ceramics. Decorations in this technique look spectacularly on the surface of the tile, on the outside of the sink, and the bathroom door.

There are several tile decoration options. Decorative items can be arranged in a different order.

  1. The same image is repeated on the surface of the tiles.
  2. The alternation in arbitrary or systematic form of different elements.
  3. Designed as a strip, decorate only part of the wall.
  4. Make a panel.





To decorate the bathroom with your own hands using decoupage technique, you will need several tools, the main ones - soft brushes, a roller, scissors. It is necessary to buy a means for degreasing the surface, varnish, glue. First you need to choose a thematic picture, which will be the main motive. Accelerate the drying of the surface with a hair dryer. Tweezers, curly scissors, and toothed rollers will be made easier. You can buy everything you need in the nearest office supply store. Materials for blending are sold as ready-made kits. They can be made with your own hands from thick napkins or tissue paper, tissue, ready-made mass for modeling.



Stages of work

Decorations on the tile can be made before the laying of the tile or already on the finished wall. Any surface must first be degreased and cleaned from dirt and dust. The process takes place in several stages.

  1. From the material cut out decorative elements to the size of the tile.
  2. The surface of the bathroom wall must be thoroughly degreased. To do this, you can use acetone or a solution containing alcohol.
  3. Glue is applied on the back of the paper or prepared surface. In the second version, there is less risk of damaging the image. If the paper is thick, then the glue base is applied both to the tile and to the decor. If tissue paper, textiles, napkins are selected for decoupage, the decorative elements are covered with glue on top. It is necessary to make a markup in advance to prevent the appearance of stains.
  4. The surface of the paper, fabric must be smoothed out with light movements in the direction from the center to the edges in order to prevent the formation of air bubbles under the coating.
  5. After the glue has completely dried, the tiles are varnished once or several times to secure the result. This work is convenient to do with a brush or roller. Subsequent coatings are made after the complete drying of the previous layer. It is not recommended to use the bathroom at this time, otherwise the humidity will prevent the glue from quickly setting.



Decoration areas

Decoupage technique is universal for all surfaces. You can decorate with your own hands almost any items in the bathroom:

  • external and internal surface of the bath;
  • sink with stand;
  • toilet, including tank and lid;
  • walls;
  • floor;
  • bath accessories.