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Design stairs to the second floor in the interior of a country house (50 photos): options for decoration and decoration


The history of the stairs used in the interior of the house began several thousand years ago. Each era in their design introduced something new. Therefore, today there are a huge number of designs and forms of stairs that are used in houses of several floors. Two-storey or three-storey houses are being built more often, because it allows you to expand the area, as well as create a full-fledged housing for your family. In this case, the staircase will be practically the only solution that will allow you to get to the second or third floor.

Stairs to the second floor in a country house according to their design can be:

  • screw;
  • marching;
  • rotary;
  • Boltsev.

Marching staircase options to the second floor are attached to a concrete support. They are the most common option. They have a fairly simple design:

  • a support that has a tilt angle of 45 degrees;
  • steps that lie on the support.

Marching staircase models to the second floor include marches that are filled with steps. In a country house, in most cases, from 3 to 15 steps are used to climb to the second floor. Marching type of stairs - a great option for the design of the house, where there is no need to save space. Marching stairs in the hallway can be open and closed, as well as pivot and straight.

Spiral staircase options in the hallway of the house can be:

  • metal;
  • wooden.

In the form of such stairs may be:

  • octagonal;
  • square;
  • without risers.

These options of stairs in the hallway of the house are universal, they help save space, but are inferior in popularity to marching models.

Turning stairs have turns, they can be straight and curved. Boltsevye stair design looks like a mid-flight. But they are attached not to the concrete support, but to the wall with the help of strong metal pins. The unusual frame makes the design of such stairs in the interior of the hallway of the house is very stylish and unusual.







Stair styles

The staircase in the hallway of a private house can become a real decoration, as well as visually expand the space. The main thing here is to choose the right style, organize the layout and color scheme.

  • Classic. The stairs to the second floor in a country house in a classic design are structures made of granite, marble or precious woods. Laconic elegant forms, beautiful stone texture, muted tones or restraint. Finishing allows decor in the form of balusters, curls and carving. However, it is important that the design of the stairs in the interior was not unnecessarily elaborate. The classical staircase to the second floor in a country house should be supported by appropriate accessories and furniture, for example, heavy curtains, simple chairs, a stone or wooden table, wrought iron decorative elements and the like.
  • Neutral style. The design of the stairs in the interior in a neutral style can be made in different forms, including the use of different materials and colors. The style of "neutral" is such that the decoration is more aimed at the interior of the hallway of the house, and not on the stairs. Such a decoration of the stairs to the second floor in the interior of a private house implies a design without any excesses, the lines are simple and restrained. Material design of stairs can be completely any, but it is important that it is in harmony with the texture, color and interior details.
  • Modern The design and decoration of the stairs to the second floor in the interior in modern style can also include art deco, hi-tech, minimalism, urbanism and other fashion trends. To decorate the staircase inside the hallway, it is desirable to use any metals, glass, plastic and plastic. Finishing of a floor covering, including steps, assumes use of a brick tile of avant-garde flowers, and also original neon illumination of steps. For example, high-tech design involves a lot of nickel and chromium. This finish begins in the railing of the stairs and continues in the details of furniture, fittings and lighting.
  • Country Design and decoration of stairs in this style is different in naturalness in the form of wood, as well as an abundance of textiles. Textile theme is observed everywhere - overlays on the treads, the carpet, as well as the rest of the decoration of the hallway. Country design does not contain aristocracy, rather, it assumes a simple, but neat comfort. There is no place for a concrete structure or solid oak. It is advisable to choose birch, alder or pine natural pure shades. However, country music may be of a different design, where the unhewn stone predominates. This may be the use of concrete floor trim, but it must necessarily be a bright woven rug. Inside the span, it is desirable to include forging, steps that are paved with colored ceramics, instead of balusters, simple iron rods. The final chord in the interior of the hallway will be pots with fresh flowers.












Having chosen the style and look of the stairs to the second floor, you need to think about the materials that will be used to create the interfloor structures. It can be quite a variety of materials.

  • Reinforced concrete. Ladders from a concrete and steel basis are considered as the most available, and therefore and the most popular. However, decorative decoration is extremely important. As the cladding material can be used wood, carpet, stone or ceramic tile.
  • Tree. For stairs in the interior of the hallway, this material is considered to be universal. Wooden structures can easily fit into any interior design. The following tree species are used for the manufacture of stairs: oak, birch, beech, ash, walnut and cherry. A ladder will last much longer if you cover it with paint or varnish.
  • Glass. Stairs of the specified material will look great in the interior of the hallway, made in the style of minimalism. Glass is a safe and durable material. The steps are attached to each other with metal support elements. The design of the stairs is complemented by glass railings, which are decorated with paintings or photographs.
  • Metal. Metal structures can be a highlight of the hallway, made in a modern style. But you need to remember about the shortcomings of this material: over time, the metal begins to slide when walking, as well as produce specific sounds.

A marble staircase fits perfectly into a small living room, which will take a central place in the room, as well as add luxury to the interior design. A steep metal staircase is suitable for a room of any size, but it is important that the interior design of the house be implemented in a contemporary style. For a small room it is recommended to install a wooden staircase that will be mounted along one of the walls.










  1. So that the design of the staircase that you invented was not only modern, but also safe, it is recommended to choose durable materials, for example, natural wood species, laminated glass, metal and steel.
  2. The massive staircase is recommended to be installed only in large rooms, because it will visually reduce the space. For a small room are ideal designs on consoles.
  3. Choosing the design of the stairs in a country house, you can embody any fantasy. With the help of the stairs, you can turn the interior of the house into a chic castle or the dwelling of the future.
  4. The design and decoration of the stairs in the house should be similar to the finish of the ceiling, floor and walls.
  5. When designing the interior design, you should place the ladder so that it does not take up much space, including emphasizing the overall interior design. The design of the stairs should complement the hallway space, and not stand out against its background.