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High-quality accessories for the kitchen: five useful tips before you buy


Any family spends in the kitchen at least 30% of the time every day. To stay in this area of ​​the house was comfortable and convenient, during the repair should be given special attention not only the choice of furniture, but also details. So furniture fittings for the kitchen will make it as easy as possible to open and close wardrobes, doors, as well as add extra zest to the interior. Before you go to the store, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the varieties and features of accessories.

When choosing furniture for the kitchen area, many people forget that the pleasure of being in it depends not only on the beauty of the wall, wallpaper or ceiling, but also on ergonomics. The constant opening of the doors of the locker with spices, the choice of a knife in the drawer are so familiar things that you hardly pay attention to them. But any problem in the retractable mechanism, jamming or breakage immediately catches the eye and spoil the mood of any hostess. To avoid this, before buying, you should choose the best fittings for the kitchen, which include:

  • handles and legs for furniture;
  • suspension rail systems;
  • drawers and doors hinges;
  • boxes with sliding mechanism.

A detailed study of each of the elements will allow you to select the appropriate models in any furniture store.

There are 4 types of kitchen handles on the Russian market:

  • staples;
  • rails;
  • buttons;
  • Mortise.

Staples - the most popular version of the door hardware, because it does not look catchy and suitable for any situation. Such models are most often made of metal and differ in shape: they can be geometrically even, curved, textured.

Supporting components - legs for tables, chairs, kitchen sets - in most cases are made of stainless steel and differ only in height and cross section. They can be:

  • square;
  • round;
  • elongated rectangular shape.

They can hardly be called elements of style, so the choice depends only on the taste of the buyer and their practicality for each particular kitchen.

Rail systems - suspended mobile structures - great for small kitchens, where it is important to avoid cumbersome. They are metal tubes attached directly to the wall.



It is best to place them under the lockers so that access to utensils, spoons or other kitchen utensils is free. It is convenient to attach hooks and small nets with “pockets” to the rails, in which it is convenient to store cups or cleaning products.

Designs by type of accommodation are:

  • horizontal;
  • suspended;
  • vertical.

Their main advantages - resistance to high humidity and durability. Due to the stainless material, they always look presentable and neat.



Types of hinges for doors and cabinets

The hinges provide convenience and acceptable noise levels when using lockers. Before you choose the necessary fasteners, you should decide which functions are best suited:

  • front - are two metal plates of the mortise or non-cut type, suitable for all interiors;
  • hidden - they are also called secret, because if you need masking fasteners you can easily hide them from your eyes;
  • overhead - suitable for cabinets facades that are mounted on the end walls;
  • transformer loops - allow you to open the corner doors at 160-170 degrees;
  • gas lift - such hinges allow you to open the door from the bottom up smoothly and lightly touch;
  • self-closing hinges - do not require efforts to close, gently and smoothly come to the starting position on their own.

The hinges also vary in complexity of installation. The most classic butt end, most difficult - gas-lift system.

Furniture and accessories for the kitchen is the basis of convenience, so it is difficult to imagine it without sliding mechanisms. They can be divided into several varieties:

  • with roller and ball guides - differ in noise level during operation;
  • prefabricated metal boxes that are designed for heavy objects;
  • tandem boxes - factory boxes that were originally assembled and ready for use;
  • telescopic cargos - metal grids have a movement guide on one side; they can consist of several "floors", most convenient for storing glasses, cutlery or cleaning products.

In the top of the components in the Russian market are cargo systems and with ball guides, because they are ergonomic and silent.

To be sure of what accessories and in what quantity to choose in the store, you should focus on 5 simple tips:

  1. If kitchen cabinets will be located above the head, you should pick up self-closing or gas-lift hinges to it.
  2. It is convenient to equip the lower tiers of the wall with drawers so that you do not have to bend down too much, taking the necessary dishes.
  3. Heavy large cabinets will not cause inconvenience if you buy them wide handles, brackets or handles, rails.
  4. When planning rails, you should immediately purchase at least 15 hanging hooks. Some of them will go to the wall, and some can be attached to the handles of the cabinets, so that it would be convenient to hang towels or cooking appliances.
  5. Furniture legs protect the bottom of cabinets and sofas from dirt, but the floor under them will often have to be washed. The height of the legs should be such that a mop can pass freely under the headset.

Otherwise, the choice of components should be based on the design of the room and the taste of the owners.