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MDF interior doors: versions (26 photos)


The price is important for the main part of buyers, therefore, MDF interior doors are traditionally in high demand. These products are produced by all leading manufacturers, offering collections for painting, coated with enamel and PVC film. In the range of deaf interior doors and glazed models of various colors, customers can purchase classic white doors or replace them with bleached oak. How do manufacturers manage to produce elegant products for home and office at a low price? It's all about the design features of the doors of MDF, the production of which are used inexpensive materials.




What makes the door MDF

At first glance, all the doors are the same: they have the same dimensions, shades and decorative plates. All features are hidden behind the exterior shine, the interior door can be made of solid wood or have only a frame made of this material. By production of inexpensive models wood of coniferous breeds is used, the frame lath is created from it. The inner space is filled with honeycomb filler made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard, which is responsible for sound insulation characteristics. This design is characterized by ease of manufacture and minimal cost. On top of the canvas is covered with a sheet of MDF, plates of this environmentally friendly material can be of different thickness and this often lies in the issue of price and product quality. Unscrupulous manufacturers use sheets with a thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm, these doors have a low price, but are distinguished by low strength characteristics. The thicker the MDF plate, the longer the doors will last.




Coverage of interior doors, created on the basis of MDF, may be different. Most often they are laminated with films of different types. It can be an inexpensive film of several layers of paper impregnated based on melamine resins or a PVC laminate, the thickness of which allows you to create structured surfaces. MFD doors can be veneered with various valuable types of wood, which makes them attractive to fans of natural materials. Models are produced without a decorative coating for painting - in this case, the canvas can be given any color, which is important for houses whose interior is created in modern style. Produce and ready painted models, covered with high quality enamel. This product has an affordable price, long life, original appearance.



Advantages and disadvantages of MDF doors

The main advantage of this product is low price, but there are other advantages at the door:

  • high resistance to temperature and humidity extremes;
  • wide range of;
  • low weight simplifies installation, allows you to perform it yourself and reduce repair costs, the minimum load increases the life of the loops;
  • medium density plates poorly support combustion;
  • PVC coated film models are easy to clean;
  • color does not fade in the sun, does not lose its bright shades during the operation.

Regardless of the type of MDF doors, they will occupy a worthy place in the interior of an apartment, home or office.



Types of interior doors MDF

MDF plate is much more practical fibreboard, of which used to make cheap interior doors. It has higher practical characteristics, it is easier to primer and paint, handle and apply. That is why manufacturers produce products of various types and purposes from MDF. In stores today you can purchase the following types of doors:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • folding;
  • smooth;
  • paneled;
  • glazed;
  • with decorative inserts;
  • covered with enamel;
  • ready for painting.

Simplicity of production allows to let out interroom doors to order the necessary type, color and size.





Features of installation of doors from MDF

Proper installation of interior doors of MDF is the key to their long-term operation. The main nuances of installation technology are no different from the installation of wooden doors, but there are a few things. The first of these concerns models with boxes made of MDF: not only slabs are produced from this practical and affordable material. Such boxes are flexible, for this reason they can be deformed when sealed in the opening with mounting foam. To avoid this, it is necessary to use special brackets or metal plates.



Another feature of the installation relates to doors that are installed in rooms with high humidity. It also matters for a MDF box, which is slightly, but absorbs water. This is enough to deform the opening and create problems for closing the door. The MDF box is covered with a protective decorative film, but only from the outside. Humid air penetrates everywhere, so before installing it is necessary to take care of protecting the back side of the box with hydrophobic materials. It is enough to miss it with silicone sealant and the door in the bathroom will function properly throughout the entire period of operation.




MDF-based interior doors are lightweight, practical and inexpensive. Choosing the products of manufacturers with a good reputation, you can count on the long life of the doors. Impressive variety of coatings, including painted models. This allows you to choose products for any interior or choose the desired color and paint the doors. Traditional white canvas thanks to the original panels have become much more beautiful, despite the affordable price. MDF doors are the best solution for budget repairs in a city apartment, in a country house or at an enterprise.