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What should be the table for the child: the main types (23 photos)


For the development and training of a child of any age need a table. In the variety of its types and sizes it is easy to get confused.

It is necessary to approach to buying a table responsibly, because with age the child will spend more and more time with him. The correctness of the choice made affects the health, namely, the formation of posture.




Table for a child can be different depending on age and purpose. Consider all its types.

Feeding table

In six months, the baby is already able to sit on its own, so you can buy him a highchair with a removable table top. This option is great for eating and for creative work.




  • It is of interest to the baby;
  • There are educational details.


  • Age restrictions;
  • The inability to modify the workplace.



Table transformer

The main feature of this table is that it grows with the baby. It eliminates the need to change products as the child grows. The optimum is the ability to smoothly adjust the height.


  • Formation of correct posture;
  • Tilt angle alignment;
  • Saving cash.

Disadvantages: only high quality products are suitable for eliminating injuries.




Corner table for several children

Few families with several children have a large living space. The rest have to choose only multifunctional furniture to save space. Today there are many such products: a bunk bed, a table for two children and combined play complexes. There are L-shaped and triangular types of corner tables.


  • Compact placement;
  • Each child has its own individual space.


  • The size of jobs for two children should be the same;
  • The difficulty of installing uniform lighting.

Manufacturers are trying to interest the buyer in all ways, so they offer many product options for every taste and financial opportunity.

Children's table should be made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material.

Solid wood

Wood is a natural and ecological material. At this table, the child will feel as comfortable as possible.

The product from a tree will be steady, but heavy. It is durable and will last more than one year. Furniture made of solid wood has a high cost.

MDF and chipboard

A table of these materials is inexpensive. For children's furniture is used only chipboard class E1, as it contains a low content of harmful impurities. In MDF binder is lignin, so it is environmentally friendly.

Plastic and glass

The advantage of plastic is its cost, brightness and lightness. A child can easily move a plastic product. Such furniture can be made in any shapes and colors. Glass products are unsafe for children, in extreme cases, the use of tempered glass.



Mixed type

Furniture made from combined materials is produced for children over 7 years old. In such models, the legs can be made of metal, and the tabletop of wood or MDF. If you need to purchase a table for two children, then a high-quality chipboard will be an excellent option. At low cost, the furniture looks modern and neat.

Color solutions

What color will be at the children's table, you must decide with the children and consider the design of the room. The most common are the following options:

  • Tree. Natural color scheme fits well with the interior. It can be decorated with artificial aging or carving.
  • White. For girls, a product with a floral pattern and graceful handles is suitable, and for a boy - furniture in a futuristic style.
  • Blue. Color of peace and concentration. Gentle shade distracts attention and does not cause a feeling of irritation.
  • Bright shades. The multi-colored table will cause delight and interest in any kid. A bright model is also suitable for older children who love similar colors.

It is worth remembering that the table should be in harmony with all the furniture in the room: a bunk bed, chairs, wardrobes.

Table height

This indicator must be taken seriously. Properly selected product can prevent the occurrence of scoliosis. The child sitting at the table should reach the floor with all the sole. Knees should not rest on the tabletop.

The height of the product depends on the height of the child. Recommended data displayed in the table:

Height, cmTable height, cm
From 17576

At the table in the store is better to go with the child. He will be able to determine on the spot whether he is comfortable, and his parents will visually assess whether the product is suitable in all respects.



The location of the children's table

It is necessary to carefully consider where the children's work area will be located. There are several options:

  • Along the window. A desk for two children at the window or for one child is located if the room is small and narrow. In this embodiment, you can even transform the window sill into a tabletop. Natural lighting is beneficial to health. It is necessary to eliminate the problem of radiators and drafts in order to make the child comfortable.
  • Near the wall. Variants of a regular straight or corner table are relevant here. The child has the opportunity to hang all the necessary information on the wall. In this case, an additional light source is required - a desk lamp.
  • Under the loft bed. Today there are models of bunk beds with built-in shelves and cabinets and attached on the side of the table. Instead of a bunk bed, you can buy a loft bed, placing in the lower part of the furniture for classes.

We need to take care of the conditional separation of the working area from the game. The lighting should be positioned correctly and exclude the possibility of problems with vision.



Features of the choice of a desk for the student

The school accompanies the child for 11 years, so he needs to create the most comfortable conditions for studying. The following factors are taken into account for this:

  • Practicality and convenience. The student has a lot of time to spend on homework and hobbies of various hobbies. The type, style and color of the product should be liked by the student and serve as an incentive for fruitful activities.
  • Reliability and durability. Furniture must be strong and of high quality in order to last a long time and withstand daily use.
  • Ergonomic. The table should be suitable for age and have rational dimensions for the room. In addition to the height of the product corresponding to height, it should be more than 1 meter wide and at least 60 cm deep. A table for three children should be correspondingly larger.
  • Functionality. Furniture for the student should include many drawers and shelves for books, notebooks, hobby items and other things. Using a bunk bed complete with a table and lockers solves all problems.

Do not trust only the high cost of furniture. The main criterion should be a combination of all indicators in a single product.