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Carpet in the bedroom: a pleasant need (25 photos)


Soft floor or wall covering is mandatory for most homes, especially in regions with a cool climate. Carpets in the interior of the bedroom make the room more comfortable, in the morning setting the owners to a positive. This is an expensive thing, bought for a long time, so you need to choose it consciously.


The main purpose of the bedroom - good rest and sound sleep. Psychologists believe that they can create a peaceful beige-brown gamma. A nice companion can be a muted green and blue palette. She will add spring freshness, and purple will cause a sense of trust.



Young, active and with a vein of adventurous nature even choose red for the bedroom. They believe that in this way the body during sleep will be further recharged. Intellectuals and creative people prefer orange as a source of inspiration.

Deciding how to choose a carpet in the bedroom in color, you need to take into account the degree of illumination of the room. The appearance of the windows on the sunny side causes cold shades of the carpet, with a lack of light, warm colors like yellow or similar are preferable.

Gone are the days when only rectangular models of carpets were on sale. Today the choice is much wider: carpets oval, round or other shapes surprise no one.


The traditional solution. Used in several situations:

  • For those who are accustomed to this option and do not want to change anything.
  • Strict lines are appropriate if you want to balance the too soft interior of the bedroom.
  • The rectangle maximally covers the space, so it is chosen if the flooring is not perfect.
  • The only wall model.

It is desirable to select this familiar form for older people: it inspires a sense of calm and stability to them.




More modern look, also used in the bedroom:

  • If the furniture, especially a massive wardrobe, has the shape of a rectangle, there are other "angular" elements, you need a rounded carpet for balance.
  • Ovals soften straightness, making the interior more intimate, which is psychologically important for the bedroom.
  • The oval carpet automatically causes a feeling of bliss and comfort.

Non-standard oval-shaped carpets make it possible to experiment with familiar space.

A circle

It has all the advantages inherent in the oval model. Practical and comfortable small bedside round carpets. A round white carpet with a long nap will fill a milky white or pale pastel bedroom with a special charm.

It looks interesting central big round carpet, complemented by smaller ovals.

In the bedroom is used, as a rule, not one carpet. Even in small rooms there can be two: on the wall and the floor. This is natural, because nothing can create more comfort than a soft fluffy coating.

Large and small carpet perform different aesthetic and practical tasks. For compact space, one solid floor carpet is usually enough. It decorates the interior and serves as a bedside accessory. In the spacious bedrooms, in addition to the central main, place a few bedside small.

Large carpets immediately indicate the style of the interior, complementing the furniture. In addition, they are more functional, non-slip.

Small bedside rugs either coincide in color with the main one and make up a single ensemble, or serve as bright accents. They are placed arbitrarily where the owners are comfortable.




With all the variety of choice in texture, color or shape, the range of materials does not change: the same natural wool or silk plus synthetics. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the bedroom.


The benchmark of this segment is luxury from Iran, that is, magnificent Persian carpets of classical style. They are factory-made or hand-made exclusives, but they are equally inaccessible to most because of the high cost of living.



They are valued for aesthetic appeal, absolute sanitary and environmental safety, high thermal and sound insulation. They wear out very slowly. All these qualities allow you to safely lay them in the bedroom or hang on the wall. Walls look solid, more refined oval-shaped carpets on the floor. If you have enough patience for regular cleaning, it is better to choose carpets with a pile. These models are ideal for a bedroom: it is just pleasant to step on them with a bare foot.




Like thousands of years ago, natural silk is considered an attribute of luxury. Material is strongly associated with sophistication and refinement. Carpets made of it are durable and fabulously beautiful, but they are not thick or shaggy, so there is no sense in laying them on the floor. They are rarely seen on the floor for another reason: not everyone will decide to stomp beauty. Hanging such a carpet on the wall in the bedroom, you can create a ceremonial mood rather than comfort. Natural silk carpet transforms a glossy bedroom into an imperial chamber, and decorates a simpler room, making it richer. Contemplation of silk luxury immediately after waking up guarantees the owner high self-esteem for the whole day.


Real salvation for all who decide how to choose a decent budget option. Polyamide, polyester, acrylic, and other artificial materials have become a worthy substitute for expensive naturalism.



Acrylic. Carpets are like wool: the same soft, with any pile along the length, easy to clean. Although requires regular cleaning. Polyester is a more suitable choice for a bedroom, as it is less dirty.

Polyamide - the most wear-resistant of all synthetic, well-cleaned, resistant to chemicals, can last for a long time.

The only concern about the harm to health is unnecessary, since the absolute majority of offers on the market are checked for safety and meet sanitary and hygienic standards. Synthetic carpet in the interior has another plus: a wide variety of textures and colors.

Not all such carpets last for a long time: from polypropylene - about five years, from nylon - 10-15. However, it is on hand for fans to change the design frequently: it’s easy to part with an inexpensive thing.


Products matched to the floor or wall should be in harmony with the tint of wallpaper and furniture: it is desirable to use beige or other pastel colors in the bedroom.

To make a small room more spacious and roomy able floor carpets of oval shape with a light background and a bright diagonal pattern. A large picture is appropriate for large spaces, since the eye perceives it. At the same time the volume of the room is visually reduced. Such a picture is acceptable as an accent in a small monochrome interior. A similar role is assigned to the carpet with a different pile height.

To emphasize the beauty or style of furniture, the carpet in the bedroom is preferable to solid. It also balances the sparkling floor, especially of the same color.



Modern trends

Those who are tired of traditionalism in design, decorate the interior with rich colors, choose vintage or Provence styles, but the carpets remain. Regardless of the whims of fashion, carpets with a long nap in the bedroom are most preferable. They are so nice to step on after waking up, and then just walk around the room barefoot.

There are many admirers of burgundy, but when choosing this aristocratic color for the bedroom, you need to be careful. This carpet is appropriate in a bright room, where it looks good with calm white, beige, cream, light gray tones. Pink interior and burgundy carpet - a great combination for an adult bedroom, and a light burgundy, almost red, in combination with a light palette will bring an atmosphere of passion and unearthly love into the interior.




Another option is a beautiful colored carpet. It is more appropriate than any other in the bedroom, because it is scientifically established: the blue color has a beneficial effect on the pressure and the work of the heart. Such a carpet on the floor in the bedroom is laid still for the "cooling" of well-warmed rooms. If the deep blue option is not very suitable, you can take a muted blue. They are in harmony with wooden furniture, especially with a high carved headboard in a classic style.

White bedroom carpets have recently seemed like a curiosity: too branded and impractical. And today they are not chosen by all. However, in combination with the same white furniture on a dark floor, they make the bedroom exquisite. Neutral white is combined with any other colors that are used as accents. The carpet of white color and soft outlines with a long nap looks particularly comfortable.




The transformation of country houses into full-fledged country residences made the Provence style popular, but this option, reminiscent of vintage, is simple only at first glance. In the south of France there is no extreme cold, so the carpets in Provence style are rather specific:

  • small sizes are more likely rugs;
  • they are not thick and with a high or even medium pile;
  • faded and deliberately worn;
  • not designed for walls;
  • often resemble handicraft works.

For these reasons only, they are not suitable for a standard apartment. This is a version of a country house used to live in the warm season.