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Corner walls in the living room: modern design solutions for a comfortable life (22 photos)


According to the latest world trends in furniture design, the main thing that should correspond to the wall in the living room is compactness. The variety of modern materials allows you to create any kind of furniture, but its content and capacity must be given special attention when choosing. Today, long straight slides with a lot of extra shelves and crystal cupboards have replaced the new trend - corner walls in the living room. And it is worth noting that, compared with the classic version, the design of the corner wall has several advantages.



Advantages of the corner walls

Equipping the living room space, you need to understand that this room is the main gathering place for the whole family. Also in the living room invite friends for friendly gatherings. The main requirement for furniture in this space will be a minimalist design, compactness and functionality. These requests are fully met the corner wall. And that's why:

  • Compactness. The same set of elements in direct performance takes much more useful space, but the corners of rooms are almost never in demand, so the corner wall in the living room is a smart choice for small rooms.
  • Harmony As a rule, the classical layout of the rooms is rectangular. Angular wall structures do not visually narrow the space, as opposed to direct options, and do not shorten it. The walls of this variant visually expand the space and balance the sides of different length.
  • Capacity. Closed corner elements of the wall are very roomy, which allows you to hide inside yourself a lot of necessary household items, but, of course, unnecessary in the interior (starting from off-season clothes and bed linen, ending with musical instruments, sleds, scooters, rollers).
  • Saving living space. Located in the corner, the wall leaves a lot of room for movement, and the so-called "dead zones", that is, the corners in the room, become practical.
  • Functionality. For example, a bulky double-sided wardrobe for clothes in a straight-forward version of the slide is not appropriate. In the corner version with a wardrobe, located directly in the corner, it will look like an elegant combination of two functional halves and not only will not spoil the interior, but also complement it. High furniture fills the corners of the living room, perfectly fitting into any interior.

Other non-constructive advantages of the corner wall in the living room can be attributed to the fact that this furniture allows you to hide the defects of the walls: curved corners, surface irregularities. Also, with the help of this option of furniture, you can create a multifunctional space or zone the room, which will be discussed below.



Criteria for choosing the option of a corner slide

Modern corner walls in the living room are made either individually or as standard at the factory.

The advantages of furniture to order include a full exclusive design, competent approach to thinking through all the elements. An individual drawing will be created based on the dimensions of the items planned for placement. For example, if the customer is a musician, and he needs a place to put various tools in the corner cabinet, this can be easily taken into account in the making. The disadvantages of furniture under the order can be attributed to their higher cost, because in this case, all the details of furniture in production pass through the hands of designers and technologists on an individual basis, because cabinet furniture must be clearly designed.

Finished corner living rooms are budget options. Their internal content most often has an average functional load, which is suitable for requests of the average consumer. If there are no specific size requests, then angular modular walls with the possibility of selecting individual elements will be an excellent choice for rooms of any size.



Design features of the corner walls

Almost all ready-made furniture in the living room has space to accommodate the TV. The TV wall is really a convenient solution. Also, with the help of corner elements in the living room, it is possible to combine various housing modules. Consider the basic standard options that can be used in the design.

When you need an extra cabinet

Corner cabinets are spacious enough and spacious. They can be used both for their intended purpose (storage of things) and as a space for storage of things of a volumetric type (skis, sleds, strollers, etc.). A wall with a corner cupboard for a living room can have different dimensions and number of doors: a single or double cupboard with doors diagonally, with angled leaves at right angles, with sliding doors.



Where to put the TV and equipment?

It makes sense to choose furniture for TV in the living room with placing it in the corner part when there is a corner sofa on the opposite side of the room. The large capacity of the corner element with a niche allows not only placing a large screen, but also all the numerous video and audio equipment, if necessary.

The issue of placing a library with books

A rack with books looks harmoniously in the corner walls, but due to its unassuming appearance, it is most often covered with glass. Corner shelves for home library visually hide bulky multi-volumes, while allowing to leave access to books open. For those who do not like open spaces with shelves, there is the option of choosing a corner cabinet with transparent or frosted glass doors. Of course, such an angular structure should have straight, not angled, angles.



The possibility of dividing room space into zones

With the help of a corner slide in the living room, you can divide the room space into zones. In the modern version, this is achieved most often with the help of a rack located transversely in the center of one of the walls, from which a number of main modules move to the side. You can also divide the living room space using the corner wall, which will have a closet with the option of doors in a lightweight version of frosted glass. Such designs of corner walls are most in demand in studio apartments.

Designer Tips

The corner wall in the living room in a modern style requires a special approach to both the constructive component and the appearance. To use the furniture to make the interior harmonious and stylish, you need to know about some of the subtleties in the design of the premises.



But it is possible to visually raise the low ceiling with the help of narrow and high furniture elements. When using a variant with a corner cabinet, instead of a roof, it is best to make it “in the ceiling”.



To the corner wall looked harmoniously in any room, remember these rules. In a rectangular room, it is best to have a shorter part of the slide along a long wall, and, conversely, try to extend the short wall with a longer corner part. If a window and a door interfere with such an execution, it is possible to align the visual space using wide and low facades on the short and tall and narrow doors on the long part of the wall.



Color decision is very important for visual perception of furniture. Corner mini-walls for the living room need to be chosen by color in contrast with the walls, otherwise they will simply be lost. When choosing massive walls with a large number of elements, it is better to stop the preference on the shades of furniture, close to the tone of the walls of the room.



So that the furniture does not clutter up the space and look lighter, you need to make the bottom darker and the top lighter.

The corner slides with translucent glass facades will help to increase the visually space of the living room and make it brighter.